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Intellectual Property Law - It's What We Do - It's All We Do!
In selecting intellectual property legal counsel, clients should of course look for experience, skill and capabilities. But we believe it is equally important to retain counsel who appreciate your creativity. 

At Simpson & Simpson, we are passionate about helping you protect your inventions and trademarks. We appreciate that every invention reflects a spark of imagination and creativity, and we appreciate how much our clients invest in their creations. We know that every inventor regards her invention as her "baby". We know how important IP portfolios are to our corporate clients. We understand how difficult it is to name a new product, and how valuable trademarks are. It's protecting creativity that makes our work so fulfilling. We consider it a privilege to help our clients protect their inventions, copy rights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property. 

And whenever we convince the Patent and Trademark Office that an invention is patentable or a trademark is registrable, and whenever our advice helps a client to protect its creativity, we consider it a success. It's what drives us to "protect everything you can imagine"!

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